We’ve been honorably interviewed by Taiwan Panorama

Foreign startup team want to establish business in Taiwan, obstacles ranging from different languages, legal systems and cultures. Here, STARTBOARD is an incubator that provides the guidance that startup teams need to achieve success.
The article point out the difficulties that #foreign nationals will meet when they want to start a business. They need to spend dozens of time handles several legally mandated requirements. STARTBOARD not only instruct these entrepreneur, they also published an entrepreneur’s handbook that passes on their operational wisdom.

STARTBOARD is not just incubating teams. We’re also acting as a communicative bridge between people of different nations. Furthermore, we recruited student ambassadors to promote STARTBOARD’s idea on university campuses. STARTBOARD outline a vision for a more internationally oriented Taiwanese startup culture and a more inclusive Taiwan that is accepted into the international community.

➡Find out more information in this article.



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