Career Development Workshop 2021 Day 1

No more waiting! We are proud to be the co-host of Career Development Workshop 2021 and it is our very first day for the journey of career exploring.

Amidst the galaxy of Intellectuals, we love to see their excellence and ambitiousness to develop their career path in the series of workshops.

These amazing participants gather in Shih Chien University #實踐大學) Taipei Campus from 10+ different countries. We appreciate the kind support from Mr.丁斌首, the principal of SCU, and Mr. 郭壽旺, the vice-principal.

Ms. 石儀文 and Ms. 邱弋娗, the representative of 海華文教基金會 are the major contributors to make this event from good to great!

Also, we would like to thank our distinguished speakers from the bottom of our heart, Mr. Steve Hsu, #中華經營智慧分享協會, and Mr. Mason Lin.

Besides the insightful lecture, all participants are trilling to visit the Taipei City Council #臺北市議會) and immerse themselves in the vibe of democracy. Ms. 徐巧芯, the councilor, shared her visionary approach and how public affairs affect our daily life.
We appreciate the generous support from Ms. 徐巧芯 and Taipei City Council, to sum up for day 1 of the Career Development Workshop.

The day has come to an end, but the impact is everlasting. What’s more? Stay tuned for our Day 2 reflection.


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