Entrepreneurship in Malaysia- Visa

Malaysia’s many advantages and prospects have attracted many overseas entrepreneurs to expand into the Malaysian market. The first step in starting a business in Malaysia is to understand which types of visas can be applied for. The following is an accurate analysis of the three types of visas for the reference of entrepreneurs and SME owners of different industry types:

1. Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Program (#MTEP): This project is jointly organized by Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (hereinafter referred to as #MDEC) and Malaysia Digital Hub (hereinafter referred to as #MDH). The imported project has a mission to provide work permits for foreign technology entrepreneurs who wish to establish business in the ASEAN market in #Malaysia.

2. Employment Pass: If you have registered a company in Malaysia and hold a senior management or professional position in the company, the company as an employer can apply for the following two work permits for you, called Employment Pass (#DP10). It can be operated through the website of the Foreign Expert Service Group (hereinafter referred to as ESD) under the Malaysian Immigration Department.

3. Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW): Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) is a measure of MYXpats Centre under MDEC, which only deals with work permits for companies in the ICT industry.

➡For details, please refer to: https://reurl.cc/MZbYjL


1. 馬來西亞科技創業家專案 (Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Program- MTEP): 此項專案是由馬來西亞數位經濟機構 Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (以下簡稱 #MDEC)和馬來西亞數位經濟中心 Malaysia Digital Hub (以下簡稱 #MDH),共同導入的專案,其使命是希望在馬來西亞建立東盟市場業務的外國科技企業家提供工作許可。

2. 就業准證: 如果您已在馬來西亞註冊公司並在公司中擔任高級管理或專業職位,則該公司作為雇主可以為您申請以下兩種工作許可,稱為就業准證(#DP10)。可以通過馬來西亞移民局下的外國專才服務組(以下簡稱ESD)的網站進行操作。

3. 外國知識工作者 (Foreign Knowledge Worker- FKW): 外國知識工作者(FKW)是MDEC旗下的MYXpats Centre的一項措施,僅針對ICT行業的公司處理工作許可

➡詳細內容請參考: https://reurl.cc/MZbYjL



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