Investor meetup event

Last Friday, we are glad to host our Investor meetup event.It’s our honored to invite four investors (#華陽創投 / #利易管顧 / #基石創投 / #Rainmaking )and six startup teams. (Formosation/居家整聊室/AcXport/WillStudy/傾心陪玩/Lockists)

#Formosation is dedicated to promote environmental sustainablility and enhance dental public health. Its product can assist public building oral health habit.

居家整聊室 is a platform for people who need cleaning service. The feature is that 居家整聊室 via chatting to be close to customer’s life. They listen to customer’s demands and provide a better living environment.

Acxport 動動無限 is a platform for all kinds of sport. In Taiwan, there are a few people who love some rare sports. AcXport wants to make these sports more accessible and convenient.

留學計畫 WillStudy focuses on building the ecosphere for students who want to study abroad. It includes information integration and resource matching. Even after graduation, students can still get help from WillStudy. WillStudy will provide resources to help them find a job.

#傾心陪玩 is founded by a group of senior players and game experts. They provide the platform for users to find “friends” to play with them in the game. The business is successful in Taiwan, and now it wants to expand to other countries.

Lockists 機車共享平台 is a motorcycle sharing platform. Through the app, users can give their motorcycles to Lockists when they aren’t using it. Via idle resources, they create the business opportunities.We hopes that through the Investor meetup event, we can boost the interaction between startup teams and enterprises. Startup teams can receive the fund they need, meanwhile, Taiwan entrepreneurs can be encouraged to #invest.


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