We are honored to be reported by 數位時代 (Business Next)

Keeping international talents in Taiwan has never been easy. Due to the complicated process of applying for a VISA and other law-related issues. Uniform Lin, the founder and the CEO of STARTBOARD, noticed this situation, striving to help international students stay in Taiwan and start their own business. “The last thing I want to see is Taiwanese universities cultivate these international talents, but they can not stay here in the end," said Uniform.ASEAN markets have been attractive and potential for Taiwanese startups in these years.

Through STARTBOARD, we help global startups and talent deal with VISA, legal advice, talent matchmaking, etc. To make international talents could find the way to stay in Taiwan, as well as pave the way for Taiwanese startups into global markets. It also acts as a communicative bridge between people of different nations. And this year, there has a new project called NETA – 南向創業家發展聯盟 .

In this project, we have many experts who are Southeast Asian entrepreneurs and have been in Taiwan for more than a decade. So if Taiwanese startups are going to overseas markets, it is very important to understand the local culture first. And these our consultants are perfect to provide some practical details.

➡Find out more information in this article

ENG: https://meet-global.bnext.com.tw/articles/view/47447



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