Singapore Theme Night – The digital transformation of the startup era 

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the shipping industry in many countries was disrupted. Singapore, where international trade makes up a large percentage of its economy, was running into a severe situation as well. However, though the pandemic has caused a big impact on the manufacturing industry, there is still another opportunity to get through tough times – digital transformation.
Especially for Singapore, which has set a strong foundation in “Fintech”, “Information and Communication Technology” and “Service Industry”, developing IoT, Big data analysis, AI technologies leads to industrial upgrading and also alleviates the impact of COVID-19.
The power of digital transformation rose during the pandemic. And when it comes to digital transformation, we have to mention 3 of the most popular industries of it, “Fintech”, “Information and Communication Technology” and “Service Industry”.
On October 29th, 2021, STARTBOARD is going to hold “Singapore Theme Night 2021″ by inviting startups and specialists from the Singaporean market to share their business insights and experiences through the recent difficult times. Don’t miss the chance to get useful perspectives on digital transformation industries from these experts. And maybe find out more potential opportunities for building and expanding your business into Singapore.

📢【Further Information】
▶︎ Time: 5:30 PM to 8 PM October 29th, 2021
▶︎ Venue: Social Innovation Lab (No. 99, Sec. 3, Ren’ai Rd. Da’an Dist., Taipei City) & FB LIVE Stream
▶︎ Language: The event will proceed in English
▶︎ How to Join: FB LIVE Stream ( We’ll send you the link after you register for the event)

👥 Guests & Speakers:
Special Guests:
▶︎ NUS Business School Taiwan Alumni Chapter – Stephen Sun, Secretary-General
▶︎ Incubation Center of NTUST – Chien-Ping Chung, Director
▶︎ Singapore Taiwanese Student Association – Michael Lai, Public Relations Director
▶︎ AIESEC in Taiwan – Roanne, Vice President

Guest Speakers:
▶︎ Aaron Asher Su – Seasoned Marketing & Sales Professional
Aaron is a Singaporean currently living in Taipei, he is a seasoned marketing & sales professional & people developer with 15 years worth of experience across industries. Throughout his career, he has gained a wealth of experience in marketing, sales & business development. Since 2016, Aaron has led physical & remote teams across geographies in several global & regional roles. He has played key roles in strategising & executing effective marketing strategies. He has lived & worked in 6 countries including Singapore and Taiwan.

▶︎ Former Director of AImazing – Chien-Ping Chung
《 About AImazing 》
Founded in 2015, AImazing is headquartered in Singapore with operations in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. AImazing is the retail analytics platform of choice for mall management to make data-driven decisions with complete transactional data visibility. Their proprietary technology allows mall management to seamlessly and accurately capture all transactional data in their mall without expensive integration.
Chien-Ping Chung was the director of AImazing, and he’s also director of the Business Incubation Center of NTUST now, helping many ASEAN-Indian talents in NTUST to start their own business in Taiwan. In 2017, he led AImazing team to be recognized for innovative solutions at the inaugural FinTech Awards by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

▶︎ Business Development Manager of Glints – Quentin Yang
Founded in Singapore, Glints’ mission is to realise human potential for people and organizations and make an impact on the recruitment market in Southeast Asia. Targeting the skilled tech talents and blooming startup environment, Glints launched in Taiwan in 2019 and has expanded rapidly ever since.
As a founding member in Taiwan, Quentin established the foundation of Glints Taiwan from scratch and assisted the company to expand across Taiwan and Northeast Asian countries. With experiences working in enterprises and startups, Quentin has rich insights on the market trends and the startup ecosystem. He specializes in building business development strategies as well as executing tactics for quick wins and client expansion.

🕑 Agenda:
17:30-17:45 Registration
17:45-18:00 Opening Remark
18:00-18:20 Cultural differences in the workplace between Singapore and Taiwan
18:20-18:40 Taiwan Startup expanding to Singapore
18:40-19:00 Singapore Entrepreneur in Taiwan
19:00-19:15 Networking
19:15-19:30 Q&A

🏢 Organizer:
▶︎ Powered by: STARTBOARD, Louis Group
▶︎ Co-organized: NETA, CrossBond
▶︎ Sponsored By: National Development Council, Startup Island, Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development
▶︎ Co-Promoted By: NUS Business School Taiwan Alumni Chapter, Singapore Taiwanese Student Association, AIESEC

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