STARTBOARD IS given Cultivation Contribution Award by Taipei City Government

In 2021, we were honored to be invited to the 5th Taipei Prominent Enterprise competition and won the “Cultivation Contribution Award" among hundreds of enterprises !

The Taipei City Government is committed to building innovative start-up environments for a long time, and Taipei City is currently the Taiwan’s largest accelerator with startups.

Taipei Mayor Ko and Uniform Lin

We, STARTBOARD, have been supporting all foreign talents who plan to start a business in Taipei at first. Until now, we have accelerated more than 40 enterprises from zero to one, including a wide range of industries such as Sportstech, Edutech, influencer marketing, ecommerce, blockchain, and so on. Furthermore, nowadays, we initialized NETA programme to assist Taiwanese enterprises to expand their business into the Southeast Asian market.

Note: NETA is the abbreviation of New southbound Entrepreneur Training Alliance and also the meaning of  master or leader(नेता) in Hindi.

You never know which decision you made is correct or not. However, we feel blessed to go with our colleagues from Day 1 until today with our initial mission. We believe that our core value is beneficial to society and the whole startup ecosystem. It is unavoidable to be confronted with ups and downs in the process, but these difficulties indeed form our enterprise, STARTBOARD. said Uniform Lin, CEO of STARTBOARD.

STARTBOARD teammates

In 2021, a total of 16 companies were given awards by the Taipei City Government. We, STARTBOARD, are also honored to be given the Cultivation Contribution Award.

We will continue to support every talent who wants to start their business in Taipei and other cities of Taiwan. Thank you all, we’ll keep dedicating ourselves to the right thing.

5th Taipei Prominent Enterprise competition
Group photo of 16 companies in Taipei Prominent Enterprise competition


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