It is our pleasure to join the final pitching day of PITCH IT – the first Indonesian business competition in Taiwan hosted by PERPITA (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Taiwan,Indonesian student organization in Taiwan) on 26th of March 2022 and to be involved in this amazing three-month startup journey with young talents. The main goal of this event is not about winning, but about understanding and developing your own entrepreneurship, and we did see the passion and creativity in these young talents’ eyes. 

Congratulations and big applauses to finalists of 6 teams again!

#Oversities  Education Consulting Service

#Kongsi       Indonesian Cloud Kitchen Service in Taiwan

#SpeakIt      Language Learning with personalized xiaoˇ laoˇ shi

#2RAVEL    Smart Travel Trip Arranger 

#MoveIt       Moving(house) Made Easy

#BananaKing   Leading Indonesian Ancestry Banana Snack

Although it may be always tough and challenging to initiate the start-up business, we still look forward to seeing more international talents to pursue their dreams in Taiwan. Last but not least, STARTBOARD is always here to help! ✨✨

Pitch It! – Final Pitching Day held by PERPITA


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