BPOM Certification for Food products

Compiled by Rinwy Cendana

Proofread and edited by Calvin

The Indonesian market has been growing rapidly in the past decade, and a number of startups has shown interest in expanding to the Indonesian market. The food, cosmetic and agricultural industry are no exception, because this largest archipelago has a population of more than 300 million people. In order to expand your food or cosmetic industry in Indonesia, you would need a certification issued by BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan), the equivalent of Food and Drugs Administration in Indonesia. This certification will ensure that your food or cosmetic products are safe to use throughout the country. 

Before getting through the certificate, please do take note that the website interface for BPOM is exclusively available in Indonesian language. So, please be sure to work together with an Indonesian or at least someone who understands the language. Additionally, for those documents whose original language is in neither English or Indonesian, a certified translator should be hired to translate the relevant documents to English or Indonesian. 

Part I: Account Registration

  1. Go to https://e-reg.pom.go.id/ (only available in Indonesian language) 
  2. Sign up for account (registrasi akun)
  3. Fill in the relevant information, 

Figure 1 Required information for company registration

Additionally, your importer company will need an NPWP (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak, Tax Identification Number) to be able to register your company. After you register your company, you can log in to your account and input the required information: 

  1. Product data, 
  2. Raw materials data
  3. Laboratory analyses data
  4. Nutrient facts data
  5. Product claim data

Next, please upload the required documents to the website, and also mail the hardcopy to BPOM’s address. Alternatively, you can also directly drop by BPOM’s office to submit the documents. 

You will go through a verification process regarding the label design and registration process. Afterwards, please do the payment based on the SPB (Surat Perintah Bayar, payment letter). Your payment will then be verified, and the SPP (Surat Persetujuan Pendaftaran, payment agreement letter) will be issued. You will then be required to send a hardcopy of the label design and proof of payment in BPOM’s office. Then, you will need to wait for at most 30 days after the registration has been approved for your NIE (Nomor Izin Edar, license number) to be issued to you. 

Part II: BPOM certification (for imported products to Indonesia) 

  1. Required documents (each 3 copies): 
    1. Appointment letter from the original factory (original & photocopy) 
    2. Health certificate or free sale certificate (original & photocopy)
    3. Laboratory analyses results (within 6 months after laboratory analysis)
      • Nutrient content
      • Nutrient claim
      • Chemical analysis
      • Microbiological analysis
      • Heavy metals contamination analysis 
    4. Product packaging design & prototype
    5. Registration form 
  1. Registration form: 

    Form A: 
    • Brand certificate 
    • Health certificate or free sale certificate from a legal institution in the country of origin
    • Free irradiation certificate
    • Appointment letter from the original factory 
    • Label design, with the color according to the color that would be used in the packaging. 
      Form B: 
    • Composition of the food product
    • Origin of the constituents and food additives from the original factory
    • Packaging and lid certificate from original factory
    • Standard used in the original factory
    • Packaging test and description of raw material (for food supplements) 
      Form C:
    • Production process from raw materials to final product
      Form D: 
    • QC system in the original factory
    • Food product analysis: 
      • Physical and chemical analysis
      • Food additives 
      • Microbial contamination
      • Heavy metals contamination
    • If the analyses were done in internal laboratory, the methods of analysis as well as the list of laboratory apparatus should also be specified. 
    • If the analyses were done in governmental or accredited laboratory, the methods of analysis should be specified. 
    • In process control during production

Part III: One day service BPOM certification (for low risk products)

  • Applicable to food or drinks with low risks, and will issue a certificate within 24 hours of application. This simplifies the entire process, especially for foods with the following criteria:
    • Highly processed foods
    • High-sugar products
    • Water activity (aw) below 0.85
    • Highly packaged foods (pH < 4.5) 

You might want to consult a pharmacist or food scientist to make sure that your products are compatible with one-day service certification. 

  • Required documents: 
    • Appointment letter from country of origin
    • Health certificate or free sale from health department of country of origin
    • Laboratory test 
    • Label
    • Product sample (3 samples) 
    • Composition & specifications
    • Surat izin usaha perdagangan (SIUP), business license
    • Angka Pengenal Impor (API-U), import identification number 
  • Required forms (each 3 copies): 
  • Form A (basic information)
    1. For imported products: 
      • Appointment letter of importer from original factory, or legalized copy of the letter. 
      • Health certificate or free sale certificate
      • Packaging design & label design
        1. Product name, net weight, name and address of producer or importer (city, postal code, and address), as well as registration number
        2. Composition, food additives, preservatives, sweetener, colorant with color index (if applicable), expiry date, production code, production date, and other relevant details. 
      • Prototype (3 samples)
  • Form B: 
    1. List and quantity of raw materials and food additives, name of food additives and the specific function, color index (CI) if colorants are used, as well as the origin of raw materials & food additives. 
  • Form C: 
    1. Method of production
    2. Production scheme
  • Form D: 
    1. Results of final product analysis

If you have none of the certificates mentioned above, you might need 8-10 weeks for you to complete the BPOM certification process. The fee for certification ranged from around NT$ 200 to NT$ 4000 (Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 2,000,000). This certification will be valid for 5 years and can be extended.


  1. https://koinworks.com/blog/cara-mengurus-dan-cek-izin-bpom/#3-Proses-Pendaftaran-Perizinan-E-BPOM-E-Reg-BPOM-Online (Indonesian language) 
  2. https://e-reg.pom.go.id/ (Indonesian language)



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