2022 STARTBOARD Demo Day

In 2022 Taiwan’s startup community is experiencing constant growth. The startup industry in the nation has been successful in luring venture capital firms and international attention in recent years, despite experiencing various obstacles in the past. With increasing government support and help from many laws that foster innovation, Taiwan is on the route to becoming a new startup hub in Asia as technology and electronics startups are growing there. Since we support this positive growth for many young and brilliant people out there, we will do our best to support and provide our services to them that will be the positive disruptor for our future with their robust innovation and creation. Hence we present the 2022 DEMO DAY that was held on July 26 with the purpose to let investors and startups know about the industry and market potential in Taiwan.

We are also very honored and humbled to invite:

President of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre – Ms. Sharon Ho 

💥[A quick recap of 2022 DemoDay]💥

As the usual rule, 9 chosen teams,  with each team given a 10-minute pitch time.

  • By 2035, the value of the mobile ecosystem’s goods and services would reach $13.2 trillion, which predicts that 5G will open up the ecosystem to new businesses. Yesterday TMYTEK discussed the uses of 5G technology and its future applications including agriculture, healthcare, the energy sector, smart cities, and driverless vehicles. He added that two key infrastructures, communication, and energy are crucial if digitization is to be realized in the future.
  • Uniigym developed an interactive sports technology platform using AI technology. This is quite unique since most of the gyms now are using the traditional method with any digital technology even AI. The reason why Uniigym decides to open a branch in Taiwan is that Taiwan tend to be more accepting of new ideas and seek out more practical ways to live, but they still value close relationships with one another. Additionally, Uniigym collaborates with the Taiwan gym and even tries to reach the home gym market, assisting it in reaching the Chinese market.
  • Sounds Great that create a robust innovation that involved special technology and microchip which able to create a powerful and immersive sound through their conductor special speaker which enables any item to pretty much become a high-quality speaker. 
Sounds Great
  • Tidyman is a company that magically changes your room from messy into a tidy, clean, nice-looking room that makes you want to stay in your room all day. Although this project sounds very simple, there are so much value and future growth for this company. In yesterday’s presentation, the founder also explains many aspects of their business, such as their business model, target market, their expectation, and company projection.
  • Ark Wisdom is the first company in Taiwan that focuses on 3D modeling and is committed to building the museum’s scanned cultural relics that can be seen through mobile phones or tablets. They also aim to create an AI robot that can guide tours in the future so that museums can open 24 hours and be accessed around the globe hence creating a new commercial value.
Ark Wisdom
  • Pumpkin VR is a company that focuses on virtual reality content development and system integration. They support many of the previous VR games such as QUANTAAR with their system integration and technology.
Pumpkin VR
  • WillStudy is a company that helps students solve their doubt and stress before studying abroad. They help students by solving and bridging the gap between students and the studying abroad information. They also provide consulting services for students to help them choose their subject and university based on their preference of the student and help them by giving important information related to their studies.
  • Space Capsule is a robust company that tries to combine textile with technology. By using the non-sensing clothes for motion detection, they can gain data that will benefit medical applications, human behavior, movement, leisure, or even entertainment. Their material can also be used as one of the Metaverse hybrid technology that we can own in real life.
Space Capsule
  • RobinsTech is a company that uses digital technology to find the right insurance for you. It has the advantages of digital insurance policies, damage prevention, and even quick claims settlement. In this way, the insurance process can be faster and safer for people to use.

🧠 There are many insights from yesterday’s event and contact information were exchanged! we hope we can keep continuing supporting many people that want to start their businesses no matter what stage their businesses are. Our main power and expertise are in company guidance and creation, we also have many connections that can help your business grow & strive even more! We also going to keep continue doing this meaningful and insightful event and we hope to see you guys soon in the future!🔥

👏[Special thanks to supporting us]👏

  • Startup Terrace- Providing offices, housing, co-working space, an exhibition center, and other state-of-the-art facilities that make it the ideal place for startups to grow and develop.
  • LOTES- LOTES has been designing and manufacturing precision #electronic interconnect components and hardware, supplying quality products at competitive prices to the worldwide industry which creates and develops state-of-the-art electronic products, instruments, and systems.
XRSpace Founder & Yushan Home Director – Mr. Peter Chou

Thank you to all the participants and attendees, we hope through this event you get valuable insight, connection, and even funding! Cheers!



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