【Taiwan X Indonesia Networking Event】🌏🤝🏻

Indonesia is the most populous country in Southeast Asia, and the population is still in a state of rapid and positive expansion. In the meantime, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, which has five unicorns valued at more than $1 billion, the highest in this area. That is to say, Indonesia has huge potential and marketing values for startups development. Therefore, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) held Taiwan X Indonesia Networking Event on August 3, and hopes that it can motivate and encourage startups in Taiwan to take a broad view, as well as, look forward to new business collaboration opportunities. Within the event, 14 startups equipped with limitless creative ideas and advanced products had shared their business insights and goals, showing the striving to expand their business in Indonesia.

List for Honored guests

Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei – Director of Investment Dept. – Mr. Ali Fauzi

⚡️A quick recap of Taiwan X Indonesia Networking Event⚡️

▶︎ Chimes AI assists a plethora of companies in building AI applications and maintaining business sustainability. These AI applications developed by Chimes AI can be served in various fields of businesses such as smart agriculture, AI textile, big data construction, smart manufacturing, and AI semiconductor. 

Chimes AI

▶︎ Cherri Tech is an E-commerce company which has merged with 21 Fintech Group. Because of their long journey in SME financial service, they are capable of offering payment gateway with global safety standard and marketplace integration, BNPL wallet, and merchant financing including AI enablement and flexible payment options. 

Cherri Tech

▶︎ EZAI develops machine learning and deep learning for both healthcare and education. Regarding the education side, the company aims to utilize the advancement of AI to replace the position of a language teacher. As for now, there are only two languages (English and Chinese) available.


▶︎ Galaxy Software Service comes with a core value of providing and servicing customers with information technology and software that help solve all kinds of problems they may encounter in the office. Any kind of management such as human resources system HCM, official document system OD, and accounting system Finance are all offered by the company with efficiency. 

Galaxy Software Service

▶︎ iMobile Mind is a company which provides a service of cyber security. Expanded in many countries, the company’s application ISAI APP offers a full course of data protection and mobile security mechanisms for enterprises.

iMobile Mind

▶︎ Internet Information is a HR system company with numerous elite clients, namely BMW, Hua Nan bank, and Taipei exchange. Known to be a leader in the HR system, they come with many advanced products and services such as HR cloud system for keeping track of employees from over the world and Gogoform, an application for electronic signature and attachment upload.

Internet Information

▶︎ IsCoolLab develops an AI RPA known as Robotiive to replace tedious human operations. Based on the company’s ultimate goal, they hope to connect enterprises with industry 4.0 through the product they have developed. 


▶︎ Kdan Mobile Software gives importance to users’ work life by providing DottedSign, a cloud-based electronic signature service. With this service, users can upload their contract and keep track of assigned tasks wherever they are.

Kdan Mobile Software

▶︎ Lydsec Digital Technology is a mobile digital security company.  The company develops Keypasco for the purposes of bringing back authentication without infringing personal privacy and building full security into all sizes of businesses.

Lydsec Digital Technology

▶︎ Mimir AI Technology has a product called Cogniac for maximizing the value of visual intelligence or enterprise visual data and building AI workflows. 

Mimir AI Technology

▶︎ Moldintel provides an engineering data solution. The company comes with countless kinds of products, including virtual machine operator, cross-machine brand control, and data driven virtual inspection.


▶︎ Phantomcloud Communication is a company that offers cybersecurity for any local computers that are used in a firm through virtual disks. The good points of their service are that users can have the background updated while remaining uninterrupted, get disk recovery, and etc.

Phantomcloud Communication

▶︎ Revtel Tech is an  E-commerce company that provides printing solutions. Because of a requirement on human collaboration for daily work and lack of suitable tools for the sales channel,  the company  has developed Lixiang Printing, a cloud-based system, to integrate and solve the problems.

Revtel Tech

🪅 We were delighted and honored that we had a chance to be part of this event. Moreover, we hope Taiwanese startups could have great business opportunities in Indonesia in the near future and we would love to send our congratulatory messages to all companies’ success. 



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