Matching Platform Is Becoming a Trend

In the era of information explosion, the data is all there as long as you type keywords on search engine. However, it is challenging to collect needed information rapidly and correctly. The emergence of matching platform is like serving as a bridge between Bole and Maxima. It not only makes demand sides find the most suitable talent in the fastest situation, but also allows supply sides to have a platform to show themselves.

The Value of Every Citizens of The Planet Deserves To Be Seen

ArtzyPlanet, which gathers creators in the field of design, music, and film, is a co-creation media community founded in 2019. The platform is capable of meeting both the “displaying and exchanging works” on the supply side and “search for suitable talent” on the demand side at the same time. As of 2020, it had accumulated more than 6,000 creators. ArtzyPlanet lets members put their work on the platform, build their own portfolios, and connect with others to get inspired. Moreover, because talents in three fields are putting together, it can efficiently assist in matching suitable talents for entrepreneur or company to decrease the costs of labor and time.

ArtzyPlanet establishes “Planet Lab”, which has a variety of materials that creators can download safely. On the works left by the predecessors, a new creation is mixed and matched through their own skillful hands. In addition, it establishes “Planet Exhibition Hall”, which held competitions or solicitations for papers in cooperation with enterprises from time to time. Not only do help company to find creative works, but also inspire creators and break through themselves.

Create Your Own Family Gym

AcXport is a professional app and a sporty platform with a wealth of sports. Serving as a bridge between coach and consumers, it can help you to find suitable and professional sport service and coach after you choose the sport you want to train. Moreover, the platform not only teaches sports, but also promotes sports. Their official website provides different subject of articles, such as recommended sport places, personal interview of coach, health management, and so on. 

In recent years, there are more restrictions on going out to exercise or going to the gym because of the impact of COVID-19. However, the service of AcXport is committed to transfer multi-sport experiences to entertainment that is easy for the public to start. Not only do allow you to find the fittest sport method to you by easy way, but also create your own gym without expensive expense.

The Advantages and Position of Matching Platform

The matching platform integrates scattered data, and allows users to get complete information by it and connects with others. Like ArtzyPlanet and AcXport above, they act as a bridge between supply and demand side, integrating huge amounts of data and to output the most effective information to entrepreneurs or consumers. With the expansion of the digital economy era, STARTBOARD, which matchs start-up team and enterprise, believes that the mechanism of this platform economy will become a trend in the future. Whether it is the Yourator talent matching platform or the Airbnb transactional platform, it can not only improve the efficiency of market matching, but also reduce the time cost spent in the past.


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