The Rise of Alternative Travel

While it is relatively harder to travel domestically during the pandemic, some startup companies have come up with the solution for us to enjoy traveling even more than before. At meet Taipei 2022, TT trips (橘子貓) and JaFun showed us how to travel at ease and even have an access to the latest international goods by just clicking on your computers. 

Customized Your Trip With Chartered Tour Service In Taiwan and Southeast Asian Countries

Established in 2016, TT trips started as a chartered tour company, and today branching out to other services including sailing, hiking and yoga classes. TT trips provides customized services for family trips, company trips or friend groups, allowing travelers to tour in their unique ways. Moreover, one of the main obstacles when traveling internationally- transportation now can be taken care of by TT trips. The chartered car service is also available in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. 

Alternative Yoga Classes In The Mountains

In order to relax more thoroughly, those yoga classes aren’t indoor in aerobics classroom as we are used to, instead, they are in the mountains. Besides yoga classes, the trip provides several dishes, a night in the mountains, night sky viewing and endless chatting with friends. 

Japanese Snacks Online Shopping

JaFun, an online website in cooperation with Japanese business groups, allows us to shop Japanese snacks within just a second. According to the Tourism Bureau of Japan, Taiwanese tourists consume goods of 56.4 billion NTD and 4.7 billion of which are shopped online. This leads to the establishment of JaFun. JaFun has an online platform that customers can shop on, apply for tax-free procedure and  shipping service to airports or hotels. The website provides information such as the best-selling goods, KOL recommendations and what’s hot in Japan. 

 In Cooperation With Other Online Travel Platform

Due to the pandemic, more and more online travel agencies are eager to expand their business by working with JaFun. To be more specific, Internet of Things(IOT), biometrics and online payment are some key factors in terms of making profit for online travel agencies. And JaFun has proficiency and experience in making those modern technology happen.

The Rise of Alternative Travel

Since 2022/6/10, Japan has opened their border. The country rated Taiwan as blue which refers to low risk of COVID and that Taiwanese tourists don’t need to go through PCR test nor quarantine. This news caught STARTBOARD’s attention and it is promising to see some progress in terms of international travel and shopping. Although the need for international flights has shrunken 48% in the past few years, STARTBOARD still see the potential in domestic traveling in Taiwan. Therefore, STARTBOARD is confident in supporting travel related startups despite the situation of this global pandemic. 


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