Indonesia Independence day celebration with Indonesia economic and trade office

Yesterday, we are invited by Indonesia Economic and Trade Office to attend Indonesia Independence Day at 美福飯店 (Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei). The event is very big and is filled with many amazing performers! There, we met with:

– Chairman of IETO Mr. Budi Santoso
– Deputy Director of TETO Mr. Varatsuda Saradatta
– Vice Chairman of IOCA Mr. Liang-Kuang Chen
– Deputy Representative of IETO Mr. Zulmartinof
– Preparatory Committee of APYA Mr. Liam Gibson
– President of PERPITA Organization Ms. Mary Valery

And many more amazing guests! There are also many amazing performances like Indonesian traditional dance, music, and music tools the food is amazing because much of it is Indonesian traditional food such as rendang, satay, nasi goreng, and gulai. We hope, with our representation of the startup gateway from Indonesia-Taiwan, we can make our relationship between Taiwan and Indonesia stronger. By supporting and facilitating many Indonesian businesses/startups operating and expanding in Taiwan and the other way around. We are very humbled to be invited and attend this amazing event. We hope we can contribute more to Indonesia, Taiwan, and Society in help many young generations achieve their dream and helping make their idea come true!

Special Thank you to the Indonesia Economic and Trade Office to Taipei and Chairman of IETO Mr. Budi Santoso for inviting us to this amazing event! We are very humbled to be invited and be there with many of our Indonesian friends!

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