Meeting with Invest India

👥🇮🇳 Meeting with Invest India

Yesterday, STARTBOARD was honored to join the meeting between Startup Terrace and TAcc+ with the Assistant Vice President of Invest India Mr. Antony Aju. In the meeting, we had the opportunity to show Mr. Antony what we have done to help startups not only from India but also from SEA countries, as well as the connections we have built. We also got to learn more about Invest India, the investment climate and prominent initiatives that have been establised to promote India and encourage more oversea businesses to grow in this market. It is undoubted that now India has vast business potential and is attracting lots of investors, developers, manufacturers and many more.

As the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India, it is believed that Invest India can play a huge role in linking foreign companies and the local resources, accompany them in the journey of development in India. And STARTBOARD is happy to connect with Invest India and help entrepreneurs on both sides with a more complete network. We look forward to our future cooperation and contribution to the growth of Taiwan – India friendship.


TAcc+Invest India


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