TAIWAN X VIETnam networking event

We are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided said one of the best writers of all time J.K. Rowling. But likewise in the business world, Unity becomes an important thing that provides unbeatable strength.

Unity is a strength when there is teamwork and collaboration involved. Hence, we always try our best to often provide a channel to unite people and create a whole new strength in their business.

Through this opportunity, we are very pleased to cooperate with Taipei Computer Association (TCA) in holding the TAIWAN x VIETNAM Networking event.

The event was held privately and was attended by many amazing guests. A few of the amazing special guests are:

📍Taipei Computer Association (TCA) Chief Specialist MS. Amanda Chou.
📍Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC In Taipei (BIDV) Representative MR. Dao Duy Tan.
📍Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC In Taipei (BIDV) Manager MR. Nguyen Van Nam.
📍Southeast-Asia Impact Alliance (SIA) Co-founder Mr. CY Huang.
📍Southeast-Asia Impact Alliance (SIA) Representative Mr. Julian Su.
📍KMPG Vietnam Partner MR. Brian Chen.
📍KPMG ASPAC Taiwan Practice Director MR. Gavin Wu.
📍National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) College of Engineering Assistant Professor Mr. Duc-Thang Vo, Ph.D.
📍dentall Business Development Manager MS. Tan Hui Szian.
📍CIRILLA Chairman MS. Celin

In this event, we also provide a pitching session where many startup teams looking for investors who want to expand to Vietnam can present their business and innovation to potential investors. A few of them are:

📍Arizon RFID Technology
📍Brocere Electronics
📍Dot Zero
📍Galaxy Software Services
📍GeStream Technology
📍iMobile Mind
📍Internet Information
📍Kdan Mobile
📍LYDSEC Digital Technology
📍Taiwan BioActive Lipid

We also provide a networking session for all of them to get to know each other and maybe want to do a potential partnership in the future. Besides that, we also provide a one-on-one space for those who need privacy to discuss their matters.

Overall, this event was successfully held by us and our beloved partners TCA and Administration for Digital Industries.

There will be many more amazing opportunities and events in the future, so stay tuned for our announcement from our social media!



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