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2022/04/16 STARTBOARD Investment Matchmaking EVENT

STARTBOARD was very happy to hold the investmatching event on April. Through the event, we can help international startups connect with enterprises, and enhance the interaction between investment units and startup teams. In addition to helping teams obtain the required funds and better understanding of Taiwan’s investment environment, it also helps Encourage and promote the ethos of #innovation and investment in Taiwanese enterprises!
It is an honor to invite the following venture capital units and managers to participate:
VC: UDN, Systex, AVA Angel Investment and Sunsino
Startup: TuringCerts, ArtzyPlanet, Joy Brick, WillStudy, GDT Asia, SPACE CAPSULE and tidyman.

2021/02/08 Partnership with Wiziin

We are glad to sign an official MoU with Wiziin Inc. This is an AI-based investment platform for SMEs & investors, VCs, PEs in the Asia Pacific Region. Users can also get notified of news updates. And it is an advantage to link our startups into the ASEAN market.
To either investors or companies, there have been several problems and issues when it comes to investment matching. For example, investors struggle with sourcing high-quality deals, accurate information exchange, comparison system, etc. At the same time, companies always face the challenges of managing the fundraising process, investors comparison, managing investor relations, and so on.
Therefore, with the help of Wiziin, investors and companies can obtain real-time data and AI-powered matching tools so that users can save time when sorting data. Via Wiziin’s AI boosted platform, investment stakeholders’ behaviors are learned and deals will be suggested accordingly. This is definitely a better smart way for further investments in this modern era!👉Visit Wiziin and sign up for a trial:

2021/02/05 Investor Meetup event

 we are glad to host our Investor meetup event.It’s our honored to invite four investors (#華陽創投 / #利易管顧 / #國聯創投 / #Rainmaking )and six startup teams. (Formosation/居家整聊室/AcXport/WillStudy/傾心陪玩/Lockists)

#Formosation is dedicated to promote environmental sustainablility and enhance dental public health. Its product can assist public building oral health habit.

居家整聊室 is a platform for people who need cleaning service. The feature is that 居家整聊室 via chatting to be close to customer’s life. They listen to customer’s demands and provide a better living environment.

Acxport 動動無限 is a platform for all kinds of sport. In Taiwan, there are a few people who love some rare sports. AcXport wants to make these sports more accessible and convenient.

留學計畫 WillStudy focuses on building the ecosphere for students who want to study abroad. It includes information integration and resource matching. Even after graduation, students can still get help from WillStudy. WillStudy will provide resources to help them find a job.

#傾心陪玩 is founded by a group of senior players and game experts. They provide the platform for users to find “friends” to play with them in the game. The business is successful in Taiwan, and now it wants to expand to other countries.

Lockists 機車共享平台 is a motorcycle sharing platform. Through the app, users can give their motorcycles to Lockists when they aren’t using it. Via idle resources, they create the business opportunities.We hopes that through the Investor meetup event, we can boost the interaction between startup teams and enterprises. Startup teams can receive the fund they need, meanwhile, Taiwan entrepreneurs can be encouraged to #invest.

2021/02/04 partnership with 華陽創投 (SUNSINO Venture)

We are honored to establish an official partnership with 華陽創投 , which is closely linked with Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment and assists the government in planning value-added new business strategy. To facilitate more opportunities for startup investment, STARTBOARD will support the investment matching platform STARTUP 101(新創101) with 華陽創投 . Startups and investors can register on the platform to get further access to potential investment opportunities and exposure. As a startup looking for investment opportunities, you can:
✔ Introduce your company and products/ services
✔ Determine the amount of investment you are looking for
✔ Make the announcement with your contact info
✔ Professional instruction and advice from investment managers
📌 Customized assistant service for your pitch deck

This is definitely an ideal chance to obtain more attention from investors and explore more investment opportunities for your business.Explore and join STARTUP 101 to seek more opportunities:
Contact us with your business plan/ ideas or when you have a

2020/10/14 Investment event in Tainan

The digital business is booming in recent years since a lot of people are looking to enter the ASEAN market. And the Thai market is one of the most desirable countries for Taiwanese startups and SMEs。
We STARTBOARD and the founder of Daione were glad to visits Tainan with the 臺南創業育成在贏地 Tainan WinWin incubator . During this event, they shared how they expand their business internationally.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic recession is happening around the world. These startups came up with different solutions to pivot their business. Daione transformed their global marketing strategy to domestic marketing from the tourism industry to cross-border e-commerce sales.

Also, the event have invited three VCs to start a one-on-one meeting with the local startup team. The professional 15-minute consultation sessions provided by 創夢市集 DIT Startup, 識富天使新創加速計畫 and 聯合報 . And they guide the startups from business model, customer analysis, marketing techniques, technology integration, market competitor analysis to fundraising suggestions, etc. They unreservedly impart their accumulated experience over the years to every startups , so make every entrepreneur has earn a lot.

This is the event for the International workshop series from 臺南創業育成在贏地 (WINWIN Incubator) . They not only provides several entrepreneurial assistance, but also local and central entrepreneurial resources. They plan to become the cradle of innovation and technology in Tainan in near future.

2020/04/17 International Startups Investment matchmaking event

In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, it brings an impact on many companies, especially startups. In addition to the impact of the global economic environment and changes in consumer habits, business development is not easy and operating income has shrunk. However, some startups have proposed and implemented related services or products in response to the virus outbreak. Therefore, STARTBOARD invited 5 international startup teams (Daione, Skrt, Alion, INNOVIZ, Tuteemi) and 3 venture capitals (United Daily News , CSC Venture Capital and Sky Capital) to hold an investor meetup event, In addition to letting the startup teams share the services or products developed in response to the epidemic era, venture capital can also combine the experience of connect with various startup teams in the past, sharing the perspective of consumer psychology to provide startups more Oriented recommendations.

STARTBOARD x Merry Electronics Co. Ltd.

MERRY ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. is a world-leading manufacturer of total Electroacoustics Solutions, which was established in 1975, and specializes in the design and manufacture to mobile communication, multimedia and entertainment, accessory, smart homes, medical and healthcare. And also has 17 worldwide locations in China, the USA, Singapore, and Thailand.

It’s an honored to hold “closed pitch and match" of Merry Electronics by STARTBOARD. This time, we invited five Start-Up teams, including RelaJet Tech 洞見未來科技Crossing-響受主動式降噪耳機Pi AudioTech數位音樂播放器 Pi AudioTech Digital Music Player#SoundsGreat聖德斯貴有限公司 and Letron樂點 ,to participate. They interact and pitch and pitch their products and solution with the VP and three senior managers of Merry Electronics. STARTBOARD was not only help Start-Up teams to find the resources they need, but also to promote Taiwan’s enterprise corporate transformation and innovative investment.

If you are looking for investing in any innovative products, tech, services or teams, our STARTBOARD will be your best partner.