IP and Legal Resources

We hope to create a platform for efficient interaction and collaboration, specifically for students from ASEAN countries and India interested in starting a business in Taiwan and Taiwanese entrepreneurial teams who intend to pursue the ASEAN-Indian market. This platform will speed up the search for funding and other resources.  StartBoard provides co-working space and complete resource integration with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in mind. This encourages ASEAN-Indian students in Taiwan to start businesses with secure legal backing. Innovative ideas and outstanding entrepreneurial talent will hence be nurtured.


Louis International Patent Office (hereafter referred to as the Office) was established in 1972. Since then, the Office has been providing quality legal services in the intellectual property areas, including patent, trademark, and copyrights, for various industrial fields. As a renowned and professional agency, the patent engineers of the office contribute their expertise in various technical fields, such as biotechnology, medicine, mechanics, electronic engineering, semiconductor technology, computer technology, etc. for clients throughout the world, and provide professional services with regard to intellectual property rights so as to fulfill the special requirements of global clients.