Starting a productive week after the Dragon Boat Festival, STARTBOARD visited WISTRON ITS Taiwan. The meeting was approximately 3 hours which contains the presentations sections and Q&A part. We were so proud of Research Stash, H2U, Think Tank, Dong Yo, and Aimazing for such a great performance. Little by little, they noted all the advices … Continue reading WISTRON ITS IS STARTBOARD’S FUTURE GOAL

Meet STARTBOARD’s Inspirer

Today STARTBOARD would like to make a post on our blog for Professor. Louis Chen (陳春山), our beloved teacher and one of the biggest supporters for the team. First time meeting with Professor, people are tend to be impressed by how humble and friendly he is. With smiles, Professor creates a cozy environment and he … Continue reading Meet STARTBOARD’s Inspirer

2017 G.G.C. Enterprise Interview

Last week, on May 13th, STARTBOARD and GGC successfully hosted 2017 G.G.C Enterprise Interview. This event is not only a chance for International Students to listen and learn from the guests' stories but also a chance to introduce themselves and to drop the CV for job seeking. In this event, we were so proud of … Continue reading 2017 G.G.C. Enterprise Interview

STARTBOARD visited Sime Darby KIA Taiwan

StartBoard最近拜訪了台灣森那美!我們討論了台灣的創業生態,以及這幾年創新創業如何影響汽車產業,而森那美身為一個馬來西亞集團在東協經濟體的重要地位又是如何因應。我們期待未來與森那美進一步合作。 StartBoard visited Sime Darby KIA Taiwan 台灣森那美起亞 a while back! We discussed the startup scene in Taiwan, and the Malaysian conglomerate's status as a key player in ASEAN economies. Disruption is also everywhere, and the automobile industry is not immune either. We look forward to further cooperation with Sime Darby in the future.