The Global Brand Management Association’s (GBMA) program for nurturing ASEAN-Indian talent has commenced long before as the Taiwanese government established the New Southbound Policy,. It has been 3 years, and our talent pool has exceeded more than 2000 people. We have assisted ASEAN-Indian students with finding employment and internships.

We also organize cultural exchange events, forming a diverse interactive community. Hence our next step is to create a space for ASEAN-Indian students with entrepreneurial aspirations and Taiwanese entrepreneurial teams. We aim to facilitate mutual information exchange, establishing a more efficient platform for obtaining resources and capital.

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in mind, STARTBOARD will provide a fixed co-working space and complete resource integration. This is to encourage ASEAN-Indian students in Taiwan to start a business with secure legal backing and peace of mind. We hope to nurture more innovative ideas through this Incubator and create entrepreneurial talent.

By extension, when Taiwanese enterprises are developing the markets in Southeast Asia, the media ties that we have cultivated can be utilized during the search for local partners. Moreover, enterprises can collaborate in their efforts to spread their reach further south, lowering the risk of the business. Thus a win-win situation is achieved.