Business Model Consulting business model consulting

For many startups, the beginning phases of starting a business can be the phase that is fraught with the most difficulties. We provide guidance to speed up this most formative period with insight and guidance from GGC’s wide network of partners. Our mentors can advise our teams on their business model, and on how to grow their business to thrive in the sectors they know so well about. Their experience can balance out the relative inexperience our teams might have regarding the fields they wish to develop to better cater their products and services to suit the needs of the market.

Financial Consulting financial

As an extension of GGC Association, we have partnered with the accounting firms—Deloitte, PwC, KPMG—to provide financial consulting and advisory services to our teams. Mentors could provide their insights as to how our teams could succeed in the industries they intend to develop, drawing upon their experience as consultants and advisors to their clients across different sectors of the economy. Also, they can help with auditing and taxes of our teams, who might not have sufficient experience in managing the cash flow of their businesses. Our teams can learn how to effectively note down expenses and make full use of the funds they have available.

IP & Legal Consulting IP&Legal

Our entrepreneurial teams would have secure legal backing for their products and skills. Startups may initially face problems such as drawing up of contracts, rights, and obligations that come with the distribution of shares, the practicalities of running a business, and the international significance of Intellectual Property. Louis International Patent Office has been providing quality legal services in intellectual property, including patent, trademark, and copyrights, across a broad range of industrial sectors. Hence we hope to stimulate innovation without fear of infringing any intellectual property rights of others, and also to support our teams in their endeavors to develop their ideas and businesses.