STARTBOARD is a startup incubator that specializes in helping startups and companies establish or expand their businesses to ASEAN countriesIndia, and Taiwan.

We provide a platform for efficient collaboration and complete resource integration with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in mind.

Why should I choose STARTBOARD?

Our teams can start businesses with secure legal backing to produce innovative ideas and outstanding entrepreneurial talent. We are the only incubator in Taiwan who focuses on ASEAN and Indian markets.  Our team consists of members from different backgrounds who will provide you with the right assistance.

How can I contact STARTBOARD?

Email us at info@startboard.co or send us a message on Facebook @STARTBOARD. 

If I am an international student from non-ASEAN country or India can I still expect help from STARTBOARD?

Yes,  contact us and we will do our best to help you.

What are the criteria to qualify for joining STARTBOARD?

  • You have a potential commercialize Idea, prototype or MVP
  • ASEAN-Indian talents who want to start a business in Taiwan
  • Taiwanese talents passionate about developing their business in the ASEAN-Indian markets
  • A team consisting at least 1 member from an ASEAN country or Indian

Does STARTBOARD focus on a specific industry?

We welcome all ideas from all backgrounds and industries. At the moment we are currently working with teams in the following industry.

  •    Data & AI
  •    Well Being
  •    FinTech
  •    Educational Technology
  •    Smart City
  •    Health Care
  •    Environment

What kind of help can I get as a startup?

We are “one-stop solution for the startup ecosystem” here in Taiwan. We provide our startup teams with the following services:

  •    Support directly from top mentors in the industry
  •    Opportunity to collaborate with STARTBOARD’s top industry partners
  •    Co-Working Space
  •    Access to diverse global talent
  •    Consulting support (IP/Legal, Financial & Business Model)
  •    Entrepreneur VISA
  •    Government’s entrepreneurial resources

Is there a fee for application?

No, there is no application fee.

Can STARTBOARD also help me with recruiting?

Yes, we have an enormous base of network, and we will help you find the best candidate if possible.

Does STARTBOARD have a time limit for their startups to graduate?

At the moment, we do not limit our teams to graduate within a specific time.

Can STARTBOARD help me find funding sources?

Yes, as mentioned above, STARTBOARD can help you find government and also private funding sources if your prototype is good enough.

Does STARTBOARD only accept students with startups ideas?

No, full-time workers are also encouraged to contact us if they have a working business plan.

How to apply for STARTBOARD’s program?

You can apply to be a team under STARTBOARD by following the steps mentioned here:

  •    Fill out the online form using the following link
  •    After filling out the online form, email the following documents in PDF format to charlotte@startboard.co by email
  •    Scanned versions of Identity Card or Residence Permit or Passport
  •    Business plan
  •    Portfolio if you have one

Does STARTBOARD provide access to the market in ASEAN countries and India?

Yes, with our global collaborations in ASEAN countries and India we are able to provide our startup teams with the right access to the markets abroad.

Currently, we have partners in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia.

Does STARTBOARD also help me find jobs and internships?

STARTBOARD is an incubator and not a job consultancy, therefore, STARTBOARD can only provide help to startup business plans.

However, given the network and resources at hand, we have a sister program called Global Brand Management Association’s GGC club which helps students and young professionals find job or internships in Taiwan.

How can I contact GGC?

Please leave your CV in the website http://www.gb-ma.com/ggc/ and someone will get in touch with you.