Uniform Lin

Uniform LinWe have a true story to share, which happened before STARTBOARD was established. There’s an Indian Ph.D. student from NCTU specializing in computer science reaching to us, doubting whether we may have relative information. Back to the time, we’re unclear when it comes to startup resources for international talents. After graduating from NCTU with a full scholarship provided, this Indian talent devoted himself to the IC industry in Taiwan for consecutive two years and departed to Australia, serving as a professor. It’s a typical brain drain, which is also the reason why we founded STARTBOARD.

In the process, we encountered several cases when international teams were at
their wits’ end. For instance, while they may be confident when it comes to their products and services, they may still be baffled with the differences between Taiwan and their motherland. Their business plan and the procedures of setting up a company may even come to a halt due to information asymmetry. Taiwan and ASEAN/India need further communication, which is not limited to the business realm but also includes cultural background, costume, geography as well as demography. The aforementioned information would be a solid base for building up a business model. Therefore, STARTBOARD is here to act as the bridge to narrow down the gap. Our team members are zealous and professional in the best sense, facilitating communication on multilateral sides so that kickstarting a business would be smooth.

Charlotte Wang

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am very blessed to be a part of team STARTBOARD. STARTBOARD is a platform which is unique. When my colleague Uniform briefly discussed it with me I was instantly interested. When he asked me to join I agree almost immediately. STARTBOARD gives an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and find a place for themselves in the society. I admire the concept and the spirit of this team. Our team consists of young people from a different background which makes us pretty diverse.

Mason Lin

MasonBeing an entrepreneur is my ultimate career goal. I am always passionate about startup and the business world. Working with STARTBOARD family is a wonderful and rewarding experience. You can see many excellent talents and self-starters contribute their all-out effort to help other startup members succeed and boost up their business; moreover, STARTBOARD is providing a kind of environment to develop positive, professional and practical business solutions to entrepreneurs. I always feel pumped when I meet with those young entrepreneurs. You can see the enthusiasm in their eyes, and they inspire me to think with a different point of view all the time. That is why we choose STARTBOARD.

Edison Hsueh

EdisonA guy who loves new creative thing at firstborn. love the start-up market, which can bring surprise to the world every day, even could change people’s living habits. But all this service and product not only need passions, there are many difficulties and challenges which is the start-up teams need to face and solve in reality. When I find that STARTBOARD has provided Entrepreneurial Visa which can help international talents and teams to enter the Taiwan market. That’s the right thing and what’s most start-up team need. So I was glad can join STARTBOARD where I could use all my experience and skill to make sure these start-up teams and talents could get the best support and resources.

Willy Hu

Willy HuI am Willy who graduated from Tunghai University. While looking for an internship, It’s the honor to join STARTBOARD this big family. Although there are many incubators in Taiwan, it’s my first time to hear about the incubator that specifically focuses on ASEAN-Indian teams. When I actually joined SATRTBOARD, I saw everyone work hard and have a good relationship with their partners. This internship gave me a lot of experiences in communication with each other, and I can learn different things from my colleagues, it’s very helpful for me. Looking forward to helping STARTBOARD more in the future.

Marina Shen

MarinaI am Marina from NCKU, and this is my first year at the Institute of Creative Industries Design. Now, I’m responsible for Tainan and Kaohsiung district for STARTBOARD. Before I started my master’s degree, I was finding an internship to know more about start-ups, and then I met STARTBOARD. I had inspired by the core value and vision of STARTBOARD that helped ASEAN and Indian talents to start their business, and also I enjoyed working with all the energetic and professional colleagues. I appreciate STARTBOARD giving me this opportunity to work with who I like and do what I love.

Bonnie Hsieh

BonnieI’m Bonnie from Chengchi University, majoring in department of Arabic Language and Culture. In the third year of college, I’m longing to have an internship after learning so far. It’s truly a great honor to have an opportunity to join STARTBOARD’s big family. I learned a lot not only from my diligent colleagues but also from the startup teams who yearn for establishing their own businesses. I’m looking forward to aiming these teams by making an all-out effort into STARTBOARD.

Mahantesh Biradar

Mahantesh-BiradarI’m a Graduate Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Science. My research is focused on the Pharmacogenetics of Diabetes related complications. I’m also the founder of Research Stash. Apart from my research, I’m passionate about Social Media Strategy & Digital Marketing. In my free time, I enjoy Hiking, Photography, and Yoga.

I met Uniform at an Indian theme night organized by GGC, its been a great journey at STARTBOARD right from the beginning on a mission to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of ASEAN-Indian talents. At STARTBOARD I’m in-charge of web design & maintenance related activities.