Brand Ambassador


Challoner A. Matero -Philippines Ambassador

chal.jpgI am a Ph.D. business program major in Accounting in 中原大學 (Chung Yuan Christian University).  I am currently connected with the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines as one of its faculty member.
Being a brand ambassador of STARTBOARD will definitely achieve my passion for entrepreneurship, research and publications, and understanding Taiwanese culture especially in doing business.
Bridging the network gaps of Philippine entrepreneurs to set up business in Taiwan through ASEAN-Indian priority areas will not only make me closer to the action areas but most importantly researches to make business strategies/policies and academic publications.
Taiwan culture is important to learn especially being STARTBOARD brand ambassador of goodwill with Taiwanese entrepreneurs.  Soon while I will be back in the Philippines, I hope the good experiences and network will strengthen my understanding of the local businessmen and leaders in the professions. Thus, I will be an effective consultant of
both Filipino and Taiwanese entrepreneurs.


Krishnan Srinivasan- India Ambassador

Kris.jpgI am Krishnan, studying Global Master of Business Administration at Tunghai University. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and popular things to do. Though starting and maintaining our own business isn’t easy. STARTBOARD is a one-stop company for these problems, which helps us to do business in Taiwan. I was fortunate to become the STARTBOARD Brand Ambassador for INDIA. Working along with the STARTBOARD team always provides me with an opportunity to learn and elevate my skills.


Sikkanthar Diwan Midyeen- India Ambassador

sikkaiI, Sikkanthar Diwan Midyeen (Sikka/亞歷山大), graduated from Anna University, Chennai, India. I had been working as a Senior Project Engineer for 5 years in a heavy engineering company in Mumbai. In fact, I had handled 14.5 Billion US dollars project successfully. Now currently studying at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
A bite of the internet may change the world. I want to be an E-Commerce entrepreneur in the booming Indian- Taiwan Economy. I think STRATBOARD is the best vehicle to ride and reach my Destiney. Also, I want to give a hand to people from India and the rest of the world who want to be like me!


Nikhil Pathak- India Ambassador

NikI am currently a Research student at National Tsing Hua University, in the field of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. The potential of Entrepreneurship in turning ideas into products, services, and companies has always attracted my attention.




Lan Nguyen- Vietnam Ambassador

Lan.jpgI’m a student of Yuan Ze University, majoring in Business Administration. As I’m interested in entrepreneurship and want to know how the business runs in the real world, I would like to find an internship to give myself an opportunity to learn and explore more about business and by chance, I came to Startboard and started my journey there. Startboard is the first incubator for startups from India and Southeast Asia with the aim of supporting them to settle their business in Taiwan. It’s my honor to join in Startboard and I believe that with the specific strategy and dedicated assistance, Startboard will be able to nurture more startups and help them overcome obstacles.


Wongsatorn Teeraruangchaisri- Thailand Ambassador


Graduated from National Chiao Tung University in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program. And continue working in Taiwan as a software engineer focused on AIoT. I am interested in cutting edge technology such as AR/VR and edge computing. Besides, I would like to know more about business and international relation. As one of the ASEAN’s member (Thailand), I hope I could be a part of the team to build a great connection between India-ASEAN and Taiwan. It is my pleasure to join STARTBOARD. STARTBOARD give me a purpose to make the first step toward my dream. I am looking forward to the future with STARBOARD and team.


Yong Pichapa- Thailand Ambassador


Thailand, The land of smiles, that is where I’m from. My first visit for Taiwan was in 2017, and that’s the exact time I fell in love with Taiwan with the people and the eco-environment. Working in STARTBOARD is one of the best opportunities in my life, I’m genuinely grateful to be a part of this family. It is connected me with talented, intelligence ones from Asia. I’m always feeling motivated and inspired by the successful experienced entrepreneurs and my wonderful work-partners. Moreover, I’m thrilled to create wonderful values in my life and others with STARTBOARD!


Keisinee Premrudeelert- Thailand Ambassador

TeeCurrently, I’m a Ph.D. student in Taiwan, and when I heard about the university ambassador program, I was very interested to join the team to gain more experience in my entrepreneurial journey. Luckily, I have a great opportunity to strengthen my entrepreneurial experiences, as well as, to broaden my horizons by expanding my network. In addition, I can be a part of the team to support both Taiwanese and Thai to achieve their business goals.


(more coming soon)