We are a relative young team (everyone under 35 years old), highly involved in all STARTBOARD related activities, who always take huge responsibility not only for ourselves but also for the team. If you are passionate about startups and love the unpredicted pace; if you like to be committed to the team and are willing … Continue reading WE ARE HIRING! JOINING STARTBOARD RIGHT NOW!

PokaYoke signed the member agreement with STARTBOARD!

Internationally recognized for providing one-stop website design services, Ananta just officially turned in the member agreement with STARTBOARD. As the founder of PokaYoke and Consult Dr., Ananta stated that he would register a company under the name of  PokaYoke in both India and Taiwan, while Consult Dr. would continually serve as a supportive resource to … Continue reading PokaYoke signed the member agreement with STARTBOARD!

Triple Matchmaking Event @ National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

On Jan 14th, STRTBOARD was invited to attend Taiwan Rapid Innovation Prototyping League for Entrepreneurs (TRIPLE ) matchmaking event at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.  As a lead player in Taiwan’s startup market, TRIPLE has combined the benefits of SI/ODM, accelerators and research institutes in Taiwan with an eye to providing startup teams … Continue reading Triple Matchmaking Event @ National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


It’s our pleasure to meet up with 創意點子BRAVO iDEAS, exchanging different insights into the Southeast Asia market! Specialized in AR, image recognition and route guidance, BRAVO iDEAS has patented technology in 48 countries worldwide, including the States, China, Japan, and EU, etc. To delve into what we're discussing during the meeting, please visit our Facebook fanpage: … Continue reading STARTBOARD X BRAVO iDEAS


STARTBOARD was honored to meet up with the representative of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, Didi Sumedi! During the two hours of pure delight, Aside from inviting him to join us in Indonesia Theme Night, we also exchanged insights into Indonesia's startup market with Mr. Didi Sumedi, receiving positive feedback and constructive suggestions … Continue reading STARTBOARD X INDONESIAN ECONOMIC AND TRADE OFFICE TO TAIPEI


被譽為「新南向留學生創業新港口」的STARTBOARD,16日在社會創新基地盛大舉辦了「印尼創業之夜」,邀請各行業傑出的印尼講者,針對印尼及台灣創業市場進行精闢的產業分析,期待透過此創業講座,幫助更多對印尼市場感到好奇的人了解印尼產業動向,並找到具體方向。同時,也希望參與者對於在台創業的印尼團隊有更多的認識。 現場參與者超過一百二十人,甚至排不進會場的觀眾也都搬來椅子,坐在會場外全程參與 駐台北印尼經濟貿易代表處代表蘇孟帝Didi Sumedi到場支持 曾獲頒2016年台灣十大傑出青年之一的何景榮現為逢甲大學助理教授 當天由駐台北印尼經濟貿易代表處代表蘇孟帝Didi Sumedi擔任開場致詞嘉賓,台灣新二代、2016年台灣十大傑出青年之一的何景榮接棒,向台下觀眾說明印尼的電子商務及數位經濟發展趨勢。接著由STARTBOARD旗下的新創團隊Marine Highway Tech創辦人L. Tri. Wijaya,分享印尼海運如何透過物聯網發展智慧交通應用;再來是提供穆斯林友善餐廳資訊的APP—Halal XYZ共同創辦人 Putu Aditya,分享印尼學生在台創業的經驗;以及身為印尼華僑,來台求學後,曾擔任印尼在台最大電信商執行長特助,現為美商公司行銷經理的Ryan Huang分享印尼的資通訊科技及其未來發展。最後,則是由擁有豐富印尼電商經驗,臉書粉絲專業擁10萬粉絲的Youtuber,ISheEra Technology Company的創辦人吳俊星,分享印尼數位行銷趨勢。 Marine Highway Tech創辦人L. Tri. Wijaya目前就讀中央大學博士班 Halal XYZ共同創辦人 Putu Aditya畢業於台科大,現於台灣就業 Ryan Huang在台畢業後,曾任印尼在台最大電信商執行長特助,現為美商公司行銷經理 吳俊星於電商的豐富經驗,幫助許多台灣產品推廣至印尼 STARTBOARD創立於2017年,致力於在台灣經營東協印度創業社群,「創業之夜」是專屬於東協印度創業家交流的聚會,至今已辦11場,希望透過這些傑出的東協印度創業家的分享,讓台灣新創圈更多元,也讓這些創業家的經驗能鼓勵更多想創業留學生、新二代追隨夢想。

STARTBOARD X Innovation Lab Asia

  STARTBOARD is pleasured to meet up with the lead consultant, Lisa Mallner, from Innovation Lab Asia! It's a project dedicated to improving collaboration between Danish and Asian innovation ecosystems! Let's review our indelible moments coupled with her distinctive perspectives of Asia market! https://www.facebook.com/STARTBOARD.co/posts/638331123252265?xts%5B0%5D=68.ARAZ3iYoLw_IzNoaXeCTgR1Kzj7hax4Inz-Bk4fZnC5Wje6wRVUQjplR4BU-0g2z9cilJomA7R9tf3XRoj7n6JyA-D189IdNjY94AhfYAtXsyonF9DfCXDgxX_C8ZPMl2fR-yUKnz1Qug1zLN7ksxxtJn2bjFEk_3YpYFD36nczlW_t0vTsRzDGK_jYmVgqA5ml7LGK3A0Jwymb1T5JujA_RXYwN41q1AgQlvyhHhi_lrAFVF3zvWGS0x4XaZA9LpwQHCK0BOHrsjlBzqX83B5f6b0bEahEHzAB42495-ativvWoFt_vae5nZRd5qK5gdajMmcFTPnWujwWo7mErKPM&tn=-R

[ ican X STARTBOARD ] A Special Column for ASEAN countries!

STARTBOARD holds tons of thanks to ican, an accelerator program held by National Chiao Tung University, for sharing STARTBOARD's stories! To delve into how STARTBOARD creates a right and dynamic environment for startups from ASEAN and India, please visit the site down below! You'll clearly see both the dark and bright sides startups are facing. … Continue reading [ ican X STARTBOARD ] A Special Column for ASEAN countries!